In a world rapidly shaped by technological advancements, there is an urgent need to harness the power of technological innovation while at the same time uphold the principles of multilateralism and global governance. Recognising this imperative, a groundbreaking new project is on the horizon: REMIT is an ambitious research initiative funded by the EU’s Horizon Europe programme for research and innovation.  We aim to transform EU’s role in global governance and cooperation in the digital age.

The REMIT project aspires to Reignite Multilateralism via Technology. A reigniting that not only reacts to China’s rise as a systemic technology rival or Russia’s resurgence as a technology abuser or the dominance of large U.S.-based digital platforms, but that sets a clear vision for the future — one in which Europe plays a leading role.  

REMIT aims  to re-mobilize a transnational collective spirit that addresses global problems in four specific areas of technology: digital, health bio, security & defence, and finance. By focusing on these areas of technology, the project will provide the needed analysis and the necessary theory building to support the EU in its future policy making. The four technology areas are also instrumental in finding solutions to many important challenges today, including climate change, the rise of inequalities, issues related to migration, health pandemics, and information disorder.