On the 29th of February 2024, Roberta Haar moderated a collaborative event between REMIT Research, Studio Europa Maastricht, the International Relations & Diplomacy Committee (IRDC) at University College Maastricht and Eloquentia Maastricht student debate association.

Prof Haar moderating the panel. Photo: William Duke

Dr. Haar moderated a panel discussion with Dr. Bram Boxhoorn and Professor Giles Scott-Smith, focusing on their recent edited volume The Transatlantic Era (1989–2020) in Documents and Speeches. In this volume, Boxhoorn and Scott-Smith argue that the transatlantic era was defined by a belief in liberal internationalism, the multilateral structure of international organizations and the rules and norms of global governance that the US and European states together maintained. Topics of discussion included the role of strategic technologies in reviving the Transatlantic relationship, how the current U.S.-China-EU rivalry in strategic technologies impacts multilateralism and the Transatlantic partnership.  Links were made to speeches in the edited text, such as the 2005 UN Report “Technology and its Impact on Globalization.”  

As the evening was also about speeches, the last hour included a speech competition, where students showcased their oratory skills on transatlantic matters. Dr. Haar, Dr. Boxhoorn, Professor Scott-Smith and Martin Mevius were the jury. Dr. Mevius is a Speechwriter at the European Commission, including speeches for Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and other EU Commissioners, and had led a speech writing workshop the week prior to the panel discussion.

“It was a fun and intellectually stimulating evening!” said Prof Haar.

See more photos from the event on the Studio Europa Instagram page!

Photo: William Duke

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