Dr. Dennis Redeker (University of Bremen) and Jakob Bund (ECCRI; attending remotely) presented early results from two different REMIT work packages at the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) 2024.

The European regional version of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum brings together various European stakeholders – national policymakers, representatives of international organizations, companies, technical experts and civil society in order to discuss topics in the field of digital governance. Between 17-19 June 2024, several hundred experts met in Vilnius, Lithuania to discuss issues such as disinformation powered by artificial intelligence or the state of the negotiations of the UN Global Digital Compact. 

On 18 June, Dennis and Jakob gave a total of three presentations that highlighted early results from different research efforts entailed in REMIT. Ana Cristina Amoroso das Neves (Vice Chair of the 28th Commission on Science and Technology for Development of the United Nations), Sophie Tvalavadze (Deputy Head of Department, Communications, Information and Modern Technologies Department, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia), and Pilar Rodriguez (YOUthDIG Org Team, Youth IGF Spain and Polytechnical University Madrid) served as expert discussants for the Flash Session. The attentive audience was presented with results from work packages 3 and 5, specifically a pilot survey study on trust in European digital governance, an analysis of national digital strategy documents and nation state submissions in the Global Digital Compact consultation process, and an analysis of actor-principles networks of hundreds of normative statements within the digital governance ecosystem (1992-2023). 

The purpose of the workshop within the framework of REMIT was disseminate knowledge and early recommendation, and to attain feedback from practitioners. The 45-minute presentation and discussion of research results reached dozens of key stakeholders in the room and more online. While at EuroDIG, Dennis also spoke on a main stage panel on human rights-implementation through European digital governance instruments, joined on stage by experts from the United Nations (CSTD), the European Commission (DG Connect), the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO), Telefónica and the French registry AFNIC.

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