In January, Professor Valentin Naumescu from UBB Cluj published a policy brief on the Platform for Regional and Black Sea Security Studies, entitled “The Global Actors and the Black Sea’s Geopolitics in the Context of the War in Ukraine”.

“We are happy and honoured to inaugurate the Black Sea Platform’s new series of policy briefs with this REMIT publication,” says Prof Naumescu. “The main aim of our piece is to draw attention to the regional geopolitical tensions related to the war in Ukraine and its large-scale implications. All global actors are nowadays developing strategies, policies and projects to consolidate their position and influence in the extended Black Sea area.”


This policy brief explores the issue of the tensions and diverging geopolitical stances of the global actors in the Black Sea area, in the context of the war in Ukraine. In a period of major turbulences in the system of international relations, the crossroads region of the Black Sea represents a growing stake between Russia (and the other authoritarian revisionist regimes in Asia) and the West. The analysis comes with a recommendation of a common, unified strategy of the democratic great powers (the USA, Germany, UK, France) and Western organizations (NATO and the EU) to ensure the security and freedom of the Black Sea democratic nations.

Full Citation

Naumescu, Valentin, “The Global Actors and the Black Sea’s Geopolitics in the Context of the War in Ukraine”, Platform for Regional and Black Sea Security Studies, 1/2024,

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