Stakeholder Advisory Board

To obtain high-level strategic input and to ensure that stakeholders acquire the knowledge generated by REMIT and that they in turn adopt the policy recommendations and strategies as presented in the scenario testing workshops, REMIT is operating with a Stakeholder Advisory Board. This Board plays an essential role in providing strategic advice to REMIT, identifying officials, as well as giving advice regarding the best measures for dissemination and communication to stakeholders. This provides a greater impact of activities and deliverables. We aim to have a gender-balanced SAB that represents the four different policy subsystems that REMIT focuses on: digital, biotechnology, security and defense, and financial technologies, as well as different territorial domains.

The Stakeholder Advisory Board will help identify and connect to relevant stakeholders, and thus help REMIT achieve its goals. Target stakeholders include diplomats, in particular ambassadors and foreign and defense ministry officials in Brussels and in the capitals of the EU member states, officials in NATO, the European External Action Service (EEAS) and the other EU institutions, politicians, members of the European Parliament and national parliaments working on digital technology, health bio and financial technologies technology as well as security and defense questions, journalists, and policy analysts in think-tanks in Brussels and in the member states. Beyond Europe, REMIT stakeholders will be found in leading international and professional organizations that shape the four policy subsystems.

REMIT’s Stakeholder Advisory Board will be presented here once it’s fully established.